All the changes were made with the Update of Hospital and School Update to Adopt Me!

All the changes were made with the Update of Hospital and School Update to Adopt Me!  -Roblox

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School is out and the doctor is here! Another week has passed, which means it’s time to welcome Adopt Me! update. On May 18, 2023, Join me! released its Hospital and School Update update, and while this update didn’t add new pets to the experience, it did add tons of new furniture, a new game pass, and refreshed buildings of the fan-favorite hospital and school on Adoption Island ! For a quick overview of all the changes added in this update, continue reading the brief guide below.

Accept me! Hospitals and Schools Update Log

While this week’s update may seem small, it’s actually a big deal! Role-playing enthusiasts can now take their stories to the next level with the School Houses and Hospitals Game, which can be purchased for 600 Robux and allows players to turn their premium plots into hospital buildings or school. These homes can then be decorated with tons of new school and hospital furniture, all of which are listed below.

  • Hospital items:
    • hospital light
    • Hospital ceiling light
    • the hospital door
    • Hospital stool
    • the hospital column
    • The hospital logo
    • Hospital water bowl
    • Hospital television column
    • Long Hospital Pot Bush
    • hospital window
    • transparent hospital window
    • Bush Pota Hospital
    • Hospital reception
    • hospital office
    • Hospital bed
    • Hospital refrigerator
    • Hospital blinds
    • Hospital food bowl
    • Hospital bed
    • hospital shower
    • End of hospital stay
    • Hospital reception
    • hospital double door
    • hospital pet bed
  • School things:
    • School book
    • school food tray
    • school paper
    • School play mat
    • school desk
    • School sleep math
    • the school door
    • School water fountain
    • School lunch table
    • locked door
    • school store
    • Long school library
    • The teacher’s desk
    • blackboard
    • School crib
    • School monitor
    • The school library
    • School locker shower
    • The school wall clock
    • school bell
    • School play fridge


That’s our guide to everything added to the Hospitals and Schools Update update! Have you bought any of the new items yet? Or explore one of the new buildings? Let me know in the comments below!

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