Genshin Impact might ask you to rename your Wanderer

Genshin Impact might ask you to rename your Wanderer

screenshot by DescargaRoblox

A flurry of tweets from Japanese gamer @cmr_sub recently went viral due to the unfortunate message they received while logging into the Genshin Impact version 3.7 update. In Japanese, the message pretty much says that their Wanderer name has been reset and that the player’s account would be suspended if they tried to use the name again. Attached to the email is a call bang, which can be used to change Wanderer’s name.

One of Genshin Impact’s most anticipated characters, Scaramouche, was released as a playable character named Wanderer in version 3.3, which took place in late 2022. As part of his redemption arc, players have the option to rename him to anything. they want, with two main requirements: the name must follow community guidelines, and it cannot share the same name as a playable character.

The Japanese player was called Chiori, a name they carefully chose and finally settled on after considering the character’s background. However, version 3.7 introduced a new character named Kirara, who notably has a voice line over someone also named Chiori. Voice lines relating to another character will only apply if the character in question is or could be played. The presence of Chiori’s voice line indicates that Genshin Impact may release a playable unit of the same name in the future.

Since a Wanderer cannot share the same name with another playable character, Genshin Impact took very drastic measures by resetting all Wanderers named Chiori, sending a disturbing message with the threat of account suspension. The game usually forbids players from naming anything invalid Wanderer, but many characters are still in development. If your Wanderer shares the same name on a unit spawning at the same time, chances are your account will get the same treatment. HoYovers has not released a statement about this.

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