Honkai Star Rail Bronya Farm Guide

Honkai Star Rail Bronya Farm Guide

Honkai: Bronya Star Rail, the future Supreme Guardian of Belobog, is considered one of the best five-star standard characters. Do you intend to choose it for your character for free after 300 distortions? I think strongly about it. If you’re determined and want to prepare some gear for him, here’s what you’ll need.

Bronya Common Trace Materials in Honkai Star Rail

Bronya uses Silvermane materials that usually drop humanoid enemies on Jarilo-VI. She will need these materials to raise her character level, skill levels, and unlock her Tracks. To fully unlock them, you will:

  • 40 Silvermane Insignia
  • 55 Silvermane Badge
  • 51 Silvermane coins

The best way to get these materials is to fight enemies found in the Outer Snow Plains or the Trail of Vanished Echoes on Jarilo-VI. The higher the level of the enemies you fight, the more high rare items they will drop. You can also get these materials by fighting in the simulated universe. There are randomly generated enemies in this game mode, and they cannot be counted on to always drop these materials.

You can also get these materials passively by completing the Winter Soldier mission. Use Path of Conservation characters in this mission to get extra materials.

Honkai Railway Bronya Corridor Material

Bronya is a Harmony character, so she needs a Path Materials music box from the Bud of Harmony Crimson Calyx. You will need to spend at least 10 Trailblaze Power to get these materials. The higher the challenge level you complete, the more items you get for spending Trailblaze Power.

Bronya uses these materials to increase her skill levels and unlock Traces. You will need these many materials to fully raise their skills:

  • 12 harmonic melodies
  • 54 ancestral hymns
  • 99 Symphony of Stellaris

She doesn’t need this material to level up as a character, but keep in mind that any Cone of Light she uses will also require more of these materials to level up. The number of materials you need will depend on their scarcity in the Cone of Light.

Bronya Character Ascension Content, Advanced Track Content and Fate Tracks in Honkai Star Rail

For the Bronya Character Ascension content, you will need to complete the Shape of Gust Stagnant Shadow challenge. She will need 50 Eyes of the Storm to fully level up. Again, keep in mind that challenging the Stagnant Shadow fight on the highest difficulty will allow you to clear more character ascension material for each Trailblaze Power spent.

Bronya uses advanced material from The Guardian’s Lament track. It can only be obtained from Echo of War: End of the Eternal Reze. These challenges can only be completed three times a week. Bronya will need 9 Guardian Laments to fully level her skills plus 3 more to unlock her bonus abilities, for a total of 12.

Each character needs 5 Tracks of Destiny to fully level their skills and unlock their two ultimate bonus abilities. These materials are almost identical to Genshin Impact’s Crowns of Insight, though thankfully easier to find. You can get them as a limited-time event reward, but you can also farm them weekly by completing the Simulated Universe, or earn them as a reward from the free version of the Honorless Battle Pass. If you buy the Anonymous Glory Battle Pass, you will be able to get more Tracks of Destiny per version update.

How many credits are needed to fully climb Bronya in Honkai Star Rail?

You won’t be able to upgrade anything without spending some credits each time. To fully level any character and unlock all of their tracks, you have to pocket 3,098,200 credits to melt. If that number makes you a little dizzy, don’t worry, I felt that way too at first.

If you need more credits, the best and fastest way is to farm them from Golden Calix Bud of Treasures, although it will cost Trailblaze Power. You can also earn credits by completing tasks and missions, opening treasure chests, or by attacking destructive objects that refresh daily.

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