How to deposit money in Project Slayers

How to deposit money in Project Slayers - Roblox

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Project Slayers is a Roblox combat experience inspired by the Demon Slayer manga series. Players can choose to be a demon or fight alongside humans to eradicate the demonic threat. No matter what you choose, you will participate in plenty of battles, level up, and earn Wen, the main in-game currency. If you are wondering how to drop some of your hard-earned Wen to someone who has bigger. need, don’t worry. The following is a guide on how you can deposit your money in Project Slayers.

How to deposit money as an item in Project Slayers

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Depositing money in Project Slayers is a fairly simple process. First, you need to click on the Wen logo at the bottom left of your screen which shows your current balance. When you click on it, you can choose what you want to withdraw. Type the amount you want, then click enter to transfer the amount to your backpack inventory.

Now open your inventory and equip money as an item. Finally, select the money from your item shortcut bar at the bottom of the screen, then press backspace on your keyboard to drop the money on the floor.

How to make money on Project Slayers

There are many ways to make money fast in Project Slayers. Some of the best ways to increase your income are by defeating enemies, completing NPC tasks, and selling fish. Silver, called Wen in-game, can be used to buy new weapons, medical supplies, and can even help with travel!

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