How to get the Like the Sun achievement in Genshin Impact

How to get the Like the Sun achievement in Genshin Impact

Image with Professional Game Instructions

Like Descendant of the Sun Genshin Impact Challenge: Series VII An achievement you could get by failing Oasis Guardian of Apep’s without any characters being attacked by the Apocalypse Aftershocks.

Before you start, make sure you have completed Nahida’s second story, the Sapientia Oromasdis: Act II – Homecoming chapter. This will unlock the weekly boss in Oasis Guardian Apep south of the Sand Zone.

How to defeat Apep Oasis Guardian without getting attacked by Apocalypse Aftershocks in Genshin Impact

Start by heading to the Kingdom of Priorities domain, where Apep’s Guardian Oasis is. This achievement requires you to finish the battle, so bring your best team with strong DPS. The battle consists of three parts. You must achieve the third part before you can work towards this achievement.

How to get the Like the Sun achievement in Genshin ImpactImage with Professional Game Instructions

When fighting Apep’s third form, pay attention to the screen and wait for the above hint to appear. It reads: Enter the Hymn Shield of Rebirth to defend against the hordes of the apocalypse. This indicates that after shocks are imminent. Decorated areas (also pictured above) will be visible. You must enter a protected area before Apep unleashes the massive aftershock. During this segment, I felt like the game gave me more time than necessary to be safe, so you probably won’t have a problem either.

As long as you are inside the protected area, the apocalypse replica will not attack you. Continue doing the same until Aepp is defeated. This will earn you the Challenge: Tier VII Achievements called “Like a Descendant of the Sun”.

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