Leaks Reveal Images Of Skins Supposed To Come In Genshin Impact Version 3.8

Leaks Reveal Images Of Skins Supposed To Come In Genshin Impact Version 3.8

Genshin Impact hasn’t released a drip marketing announcement for version 3.8, which means the game probably won’t be adding any new characters to its roster in the next patch. However, players could enjoy new skins for the characters Monstadt Klee and Kaeya, which will be released in the update according to leaks.

Version 3.8 is expected to arrive in early July, which is Genshin Impact’s annual summer update. While players have historically visited the Golden Apple Archipelago for a limited time, HoYovers may have different plans for this year. The leaked skins for Klee and Kaeya are clearly Sumeru themed, which could indicate that the Summer Update could be taking place in the Nation of Wisdom.

According to a leak from Twitter user @HutaoLover77, Klee’s skin is reminiscent of a little witch, a nod to his relationship with Alice of the Hexenzirkel. His signature beret has been replaced by a cute witch’s hat, and Dodoco appears to be chilling out in a cauldron-shaped backpack. Although Klee is not a popular character due to his goofy gameplay, players may not be able to resist running around Teyvat in this new troublemaking outfit.

Leaks have yet to confirm if her skin will be considered a four-star suit like Ayaka’s or a five-star suit like Diluc’s, but since Klee is a five-star character, it won’t be given for free. Players will likely have to shell out crystals to purchase the new skin.

Meanwhile, Kaeya’s outfit seems to have a Sumerian energy, with flaming half capes over her shoulders and a tank top reminiscent of Alhaitham’s, a must for sexy men. Her hair was styled in a braid and her vision was switched to a headset. Since Kaeya is a four-star character, it’s likely that this irresistible skin will be given away for free for a limited time, like Lisa’s outfit.

Stay tuned for Version 3.8 updates for more details on how to get the Klee and Kaeya skins, as well as changes between the leaks and the official release. Keep in mind that the above information is only speculative and based on information shared by leaks. Skins are non-releasable and may have major design changes when released.

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