Slayers Project Series 1 Collapsed Crate and its Uniqueness

Slayers Project Series 1 Collapsed Crate and its Uniqueness

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Chests are rewards for defeating bosses in Project Slayers. The quality of the cupboards is indicated by their level on a scale of one to ten. A level 1 chest has the least chance of dropping quality rares, while a level 10 chest has the best chance of dropping well. Tier 1 chests are standard drops that drop more frequently in the game. This guide will cover all the chest drops and rare items you can get from Tier 1 chests.

Which bosses drop Tier 1 chests in Project Slayers

The following list of bosses will eat Tier 1 chests in Project Slayers:

  • Kadyn
  • Nezuko
  • Sabito
  • Sanemi
  • Shiron
  • slasher
  • Zanegutsu Kuuchie

Series 1 chest drops and their shortage in Project Slayers

Here is the list of Tier 1 chest drops along with their drop chance in Project Slayers:

  • Katana Lightning: 8%
  • Water Katana: 8%
  • Wind Speed: 800%
  • Giyu Water Katana: 8%
  • Insect katana: 5%
  • Wishes: 0.5%

Crest Initiatives Tier 1 Farm in Project Slayers

Kaden in Ushumaru Village is the easiest boss to farm for Chest Level 1 in Project Slayers. He is a human boss with 900 HP and drops a level 1 chest when you kill him. It is directly related to the series of quests in the villages. You can single him out, and if he kills you, you’ll notice that his HP won’t replenish immediately at the end of the fight; instead, it will gradually regenerate over time. If you have a spawn point near the boss’s location, you will have an advantage in the next fight by not giving him time to regenerate.

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