The Best Kirara Version in Genshin Impact – Weapons, Artifacts and More!

The Best Kirara Version in Genshin Impact - Weapons, Artifacts and More!

Kirara is a reliable courier for Komaniya Express, an Inazuman shipping company that ensures that your packages reach you in every corner of Teyvat. Despite being a nekomata, she loves her job and human society, and never wants a life in the boonies. In battle, Kirara is a four-star Dendro sword user who primarily serves as Dendro’s shield and applicator.

Influence Genshin Kirara Building Guide – Kirara Play Style

At its core, Kirara is a shield that can lightly apply Dendro to enemies. Most of his uses will come from his elemental skill, which generates a stacking shield on tap and hold. When held, she transforms into Neko’s Urgent Parcel which awakens her mobility, but is probably more useful for exploration than battle.

During this time, his Elemental Burst will summon Dendro Bombs that can be absorbed by using certain Swirl Applicators. It’s a great way to dose Dendro on enemies, but it’s not very useful from a DPS point of view, since she suffers from dual scaling: her attack damage decreases and her shield decreases HP.

Best Weapons for Kirara in Genshin Impact

Kirara is best paired with weapons that can increase HP and energy recharge. We generally don’t recommend giving him five-star weapons because other characters can make better use of them, but if you like it, then go for it!

Five star choice

Four star options

Best Artifacts for Kirara in Genshin Impact

As Kirara’s Shield HP decreases, you want to focus on stacking this stat on her Artifacts. Go for Percentage HP Sands, Percentage HP Goblet, and Percentage HP Circle. If you run out of energy, you can trade the sand for ER instead. For sub-stats, build as much HP as possible, as well as Energy Recharge if you need it to spam his Burst. And for artifact sets, the following options are great.

  • Two Piece Combinations (Best Shield Build Slot)
    • Strength of the Millelith + Glow Vourukasha – you get a total of 40% HP boost on two pieces of each of these sets, which is great for strengthening Kirara’s shield.
    • tenacity of the Mill or Voice of Vourukasha + Emblem of Severed Fate – you can combine two pieces of Tenacity of the Mill or Glow of Vourukasha with two pieces of Emlem of Severed Fate. This will give you a 20% HP boost as well as 20% energy recharge. My favorite is Kirara and that’s what I use on her.
  • Deepwood Souvenirs Four Pieces
    • This artifact set should only be used if no one else on the team is using it. Lowers enemies’ Dendro resistance, allowing Dendro’s application and reactions to deal more damage. This is a great option if you rely heavily on Kirara as your main Dendro applicator.
  • Four piece Noblesse Obligation
    • This artifact set should only be used if no one else on the team is using it. This is a great set that will support the entire team with an attack buff after one wears their elemental shard. It will only be viable if you take enough Energy Recharges to use Kirara’s Burst every turn.

Kirara’s best teammates in Genshin Impact

Kirara can be used in almost any team composition as it offers versatile utility as a shield, allowing you to forget about a healer. However, she can also be used as a Dendro Applicator, but with less effectiveness than other characters.

  • Shield – as a shield, Kirara can be used in any team composition. Of course, his full uses won’t be realized in non-Dendro focused compositions, but his shield will keep your team alive nonetheless.
  • Dendro Applicator
    • Kirara is able to apply Dendro lightly but the screen is used very little. Therefore, it is best to pair it with a secondary Dendro applicator like Nahida.
    • Can be used in Quicken teams with Electro DPS (Yae Miko, Keqing, Fischl, Raiden Shogun)
    • Can be used in Bloom teams with Hydro DPS (Nilou, Ayato).

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