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Roblox’s Demon Slayer-inspired experience, Project Slayers, challenges users to become the strongest person in the world and take down everyone who stands against them, whether that means working as a Slayer and protecting all that exists , or turn to the path of evil and fight as a demon. , the choice is yours. If you choose the path of the devil, you are probably thinking about the use of souls in the game and what they do. Continue reading below for the answer to this simple question and to learn even more about soul consumption in Project Slayers.

What do souls do in Project Slayers?

Souls can be spent by NPCs and other players and are used to enhance the progress of demons. Every time you beat an NPC or player, they will drop a soul. To fully max out your Demon Class, you will need to consume 1,800 NPC Souls or 360 Player Souls.

Souls dropped by NPCs give one point towards your Demon Progression Level, while souls dropped by players give five points. Every time you level up, you’ll unlock new demon-exclusive cosmetics and buffs. A full list of these buffs can be found below.

  • Level 1 – Weak Demon
  • Level 2 – Strong demon
    • buffs:
      • +15 HP
      • +1 Strength
      • +5 rounds of BDA
      • +wen
  • Level 3 – a really strong demon
    • buffs:
      • +15 HP,
      • +1 Strength,
      • +10 BDA rounds
      • +wen
  • Level 4 – Demon killer
    • buffs:
      • +25 HP
      • +2 Strength
      • +15 round BDA
      • +wen
  • Level 5 – Demon Invincible


That’s it for our guide to what eats souls in Project Slayers. If you’re looking to improve your Demon Rank, you might want to grind these dungeons for some quick enemy combat!

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