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Roblox’s Demon Slayer-inspired experience, Project Slayers, challenges users to become the strongest person in the world and take down everyone who stands against them, whether that means working as a Slayer and protecting all that exists , or turn to the path of evil and fight as a demon. , the choice is yours. Whichever path you choose, however, finding and defeating certain bosses can be crucial to your journey, and that’s why I created the short guide below that explains how to find the powerful boss Sabito and what to defeat offer.

How to find Sabito in Project Slayers

Sabito is a level 1 boss (titled that way because his defeat drops a level 1 chest) located east of Waroru Cave near the Water Breathing trainer.

What does Sabito give when he is beaten?

After defeating Sabito, all players will receive a level 1 chest, and there is a 12% chance that players will also receive the Sabito Mask item. The following items can be obtained from a level 1 chest:

  • Ore – 1% chance.
  • Straw Hat – 1% chance.
  • Fox Max – 3% chance.
  • Giyu Haorie – 3% chance.
  • Shinobu Haorie – 3% chance.
  • Elegant Haorie – 3% chance.
  • Elegant Mask – 3% chance.
  • Tanjiro Haorie – 3% chance.
  • Zenitsu Haorie – 3% chance.
  • Insect katanas – 5% chance.
  • Giyu Water Katana – 8% chance.
  • Katana Lightning – 8% chance.
  • Water Katana – 8% chance.
  • Katana Wind – 8% chance.
  • Health Rain Elixir – 10% chance.
  • Elixir of Health – 15% chance.
  • Elixir of Endurance – 15% chance.


That’s it for our guide on how to find Sabito in Project Slayers and what he offers. Also be sure to check your in-game encyclopedia, it will list even more detailed information for each item!

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