Who Roblox admin?

Roblox Admin is the main administrator of Roblox, a massively multiplayer online game platform and game creation system that allows users to design their own games and play a variety of different types of games created by other users.

Roblox’s admins are responsible for running the Roblox platform, managing its servers and databases, moderating content, providing customer support, and maintaining the overall health of the platform.

As Roblox continues to grow in popularity, with over 157 million players each month, there is an increasing need for admins to keep the platform functioning smoothly.

Admins are responsible for keeping the game safe from cheaters, enforcing terms of service violations, improving user experience on the platform, and ensuring that all players can have an enjoyable time playing Roblox.

Roblox’s admins must have a wide range of skills in order to successfully manage the platform. These include knowledge of coding languages such as Lua and HTML5; familiarity with networking protocols; understanding of digital security and privacy regulations; experience with customer support services; expertise in database maintenance; and a deep understanding of network architecture. In addition to technical skills, Roblox admins must also possess excellent communication skills in order to effectively moderate player behavior and interact with customers.

As Roblox continues to expand globally, it is becoming increasingly important for admins to stay up-to-date on emerging trends in the gaming industry and remain aware of potential risks associated with popular online games.

Admins must also be able to quickly respond to user issues and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. As such, Roblox admins are essential for ensuring that the platform remains secure and enjoyable for all players.

How to enter commands

To open the admin command menu, type ‘:cmd’ in the chat. This will let you know if you are an admin for that particular game. From there, you can type the command you want to run.

Admin – Allows players to use command script.

Bighead – Makes player’s head bigger.

Control – You give control to another player.

Explode – Player makes an explosion.

Ff – Creates a force field around the player.

Fire – Starts a fire.

Fix – Fixes a broken script.

Freeze – Freezes the player.

Givetools – Player receives a Roblox starter tools pack.

God Mode – Player becomes unkillable and deadly for the rest of the game

Invisible – The player disappears.

Jail – Jail the player.

Jump – Your character jumps.

Kick – Throws a player out of the game.

Kill – Kills the player.

Loop – Kills the player repeatedly.

Merge – Allows a player to control another player.

Smaller head. Normalhead – Returns the head to its original size.

Removetools – Removes the player’s tools.

Respawn – Brings a player back to life.

Sit – Makes the player sit.

Smoke – Creates smoke around the player.

Sparkles – Makes your page sparkle.

Trip – Player takes a trip.

UnGod Mode – Player returns to normal.

Unadmin – Players lose ability to delete command script.

Unff – Clears field. Unfire force – Stops the fire.

Unjail – Cancels effects of Jail.

Unsmoke – Turns off smoke.

Unsparkles – Cancels sparks command.

Visible – Player becomes visible.

Zombify – Player turns into contagious zombie.

What Roblox commands can I use?

The current commands players can use are the Roblox Admin Commands included in the official Roblox Admin Command Packs. These are downloadable content packs that Roblox players can get for free from the Roblox website.

Note: Even if you follow the steps to access and use the Roblox Admin Commands, you cannot use them in-game unless the Admin Command Pack is installed.

Here is a list of the most used admin commands in Roblox:

; stun – Stuns the selected player

; unstun – Unstun selected player


You can also find official admin command packs that can be downloaded for free on the Roblox website. These commands are also not available in Roblox until you install the Admin Command Packs. The most popular command package right now is called Kohl’s Infinite Admin. And it is the successor to Kohl’s previous controls which are no longer available.