will roblox shut down in 2023

Roblox crashed today and was not working for users around the world. However, before assuming the worst, it was a random outage and no signs of the platform shutting down.

Roblox background in brief

We present a brief overview of Roblox before continuing with more details. Also, if you are a new user, this information will be of great help to you. In 2004, the joint efforts of Erik Cassel and David Baszucki resulted in an excellent gaming site, especially for children. At first, Roblox was just a trial period launched for a limited number of users. Over time, however, people started to appreciate the scene a lot. Therefore, the creators decided to introduce the entire volume of the site for double excitement in 2006.

There are no difficulties in large games, so players can have fun whatever or their age. . Moreover, it gave many opportunities for gamers around the world to try something new and innovative. Teenagers can create virtual communities and take full advantage of them while playing in the Roblox studio. The Roblox app is also now available to guarantee a gaming session anytime on your smartphone or other devices. Having a good time with your friends and family is now effortless, with Roblox as your perfect companion.


Roblox does not stop and the rumors are false. The company also has no plans to shut down its services, which means you can continue playing whenever you want!

Several websites online are spreading fake news about Roblox being shut down. Articles posted on these sites are not to be trusted and should not be relied upon as fact! If you want to know the truth, make sure to stay away from them and check official sources instead.

Roblox Shutting Down in 2022 Rumor – Is Roblox Being Killed?

The answer is no, Roblox does not stop. In fact, the official Twitter account erased this rumor by tweeting that it was a hoax. This rumor seems to increase every year or so.

Will Roblox ever stop?

Roblox shutdown is not imminent but we cannot classify it as impossible. We have seen major players in their industry like Blackberry, HTC and others shut down. So no one dies here.

However, so far there is no such threat to Roblox that will force it to a permanent halt. It is flourishing and will flourish in the very future. It would be safe to say that he won’t be going anywhere for the next five years, at least, and hopefully beyond!